coffee adventures

The familiar scent of coffee. The quiet jumble of voices. The warm, faded colors. There is something about a coffee shop that is a sort of sanctuary in the winter months, a perfect harmony of the senses safe from the cold and snow. A couple days ago, I ventured to one of my favorite little coffee shops in the village, Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, to spend some time de-stressing and hopefully gain some inspiration before a busy next couple of weeks. I spent the afternoon drinking coffee, writing, and exploring my favorite areas of the West Village (which basically consisted of walking up and down Grove Street admiring all the cute townhouses). Here are some photographs from the day’s adventures:



february inspiration

Ah, February… I tend to have a love-hate relationship with this month. In the dead of winter, I start to lack inspiration around this time because it’s way too cold outside to do anything but stay under the covers and drink endless coffee, mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest wishing I was somewhere warmer. However, this year I decided to actually get off my butt and get inspired, and I attribute this entirely to music. If there’s one thing that never fails to give inspiration year-round (especially when you’re stuck inside because of the weather) it is music. What I have been listening to lately has inspired a serious travel bug in me that longs for misty walks on the beach, Parisian rooftops, and quiet hillsides…if only it weren’t so damn frigid outside. Without further ado, here’s what I have been listening to this month.


Red Eye – Vance Joy
Forest Fires – Axel Flovent
Amsterdam – Gregory Alan Isakov
In the Wind – Lord Huron
Down to the Sea – Elephant Revival
Tompkins Square Park – Mumford & Sons
Conrad – Ben Howard
The Fear – Ben Howard
Get Low – James Vincent McMorrow
Wicked Game – James Vincent McMorrow
Girl from the North Country – Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash



a black and white photo diary

As the ship glided up the river, the city burst thunderously upon us in the early dusk the white glacier of lower New York swooping down like a strand of a bridge to rise into uptown New York, a miracle of foamy light suspended by the stars. A band started to play on deck, but the majesty of the city made the march trivial and tinkling. From that moment I knew that New York, however often I might leave it, was home.
– My Lost City, F. Scott Fitzgerald



whole again

Wait for someone who makes you a priority.

For some reason I had never quite wanted to believe this phrase.
Being young and naive, desperately seeking love, at first I played along.
Texted first. Made the plans. Reminded them to call.
As I grew older, I dated men twice my age,
Seeking maturity only to be disappointed as they used me as an excuse to act like children.
I never seemed to make smart choices when it came to relationships.
But soon enough I grew weary of playing games.
Stopped trying so damn hard to fix things that would always stay broken.
I realized that I am only 19, still so young.
I stopped searching, stopped seeking approval.
Learned to say “fuck this. I deserve better.”
Found love within myself.
And that is the moment when I felt whole again.
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words december 2017

I miss the memories I associated with you.

The nights spent on the train, rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

I miss the way you’d grip my thigh while you were driving, occasionally taking my hand in your own and kissing my fingertips softly.

When we spoke, we spoke eagerly with a hunger to devour one another. You smelled pleasantly of something not quite obtainable, but it intoxicated me. We dove into each other head first, bleeding in each other’s mouths until we could no longer clean up the mess. It will take time, unraveling your soul from mine. But I remember that night on the phone when I begged for a reason and you replied,

 we will always be in flux

I could not argue with that.

December 15, 2017
God I do believe his mouth is some sort of heaven; his lips are a wine of which I desperately want to be drunk. It is true that I may never be able to rid myself of him completely. He will always be within me, a fiery desire that will never burn out.

Consume me, my dear,
want me down to the bone.
stain my sheets with your presence,
do not leave me alone.

December 16, 2017
Kissing has always been one of the nicest – and one of the most economical – ways to spend an evening.
– The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah, September 10, 1950

I never wanted a quiet, sensible sort of love. I wanted to be devoured.
– Beau Taplin, The Devouring

December 17, 2017
Yes my love, I desire you, I always will. Your blood is in my veins. It will take time, unraveling your soul from mine. But something deep within me knows you will destroy me in the end. I cannot stand to be just another passing fancy or fleeting love affair; I crave infinitely more. You must realize that with my body comes my thoughts, dreams, mind… and you do not want to see any of those.

December 12, 2017
My thoughts are bleeding from my skull,
down my cheeks,
into my eyes.

December 13, 2017
It’s a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind.
– Nagulb Mahfouz

December 14. 2017
My heart has bled
In your mouth
And you have left me
To clean up the mess