california summer playlist ft. the babe rainbow

Hey guys! So recently I’ve really been savoring those California Summer vibes considering it’s my last months here for a while before I’m off to college. Recently I discovered a little Australian band called The Babe Rainbow, and have been in love with them since. One of my favorite types of music is that whimsical, road trippin’, wave ridin’ sound, and The Babe Rainbow is the perfect combination of all those good vibes. It’s music that you listen to while sitting in the sand watching the waves or driving on PCH with no particular destination. Not to mention their vintage, beachy aesthetic is amazing.tumblr_nnx10mXIVC1t0ywa1o2_540

“California Summer” Playlist

  1. Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest – The Babe Rainbow
  2. Planet Junior – The Babe Rainbow
  3. Evolution 1964 – The Babe Rainbow
  4. Aloe Vera – The Babe Rainbow
  5. Trippin’ Like I Do – Mystic Braves
  6. Reasons Why – Levitation Room
  7. Friends – Levitation Room
  8. Mind Daze – Psychic Ills
  9. Acid Rain – The Growlers
  10. Interstellar Confusion – Water Bear

I hope you guys enjoyed this little playlist! Check out my Spotify @lisa.villemaire for more songs and playlists